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Agnostiq develops software tools that make quantum and high performance computing resources more accessible to enterprises and developers. Along with its algorithmic research, Agnostiq is developing Covalent, an open source workflow orchestration platform designed to help users manage and execute tasks on heterogeneous compute resources.

Software Engineer - Full Stack (Backend-Cloud Focused Python Engineer) - Remote Canada & USA

As a Software Engineer at Agnostiq, you'll develop Covalent & its backend systems. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, addressing user needs using various technologies. Build & maintain processes/tools for high productivity & code quality. Covalent removes operational complexity in multi-cloud, HPC & quantum computing. Join a diverse team solving vital software challenges of the next decade.


Quansight is a data, science, and engineering firm that specializes in solving complex, data-related problems by leveraging the open source software at the foundation of innovation in AI and ML.

Our singular knowledge in scientific Python and its ecosystem of libraries and tools allows us to offer bespoke solutions that derive true value from data. Not only does this empower our clients with critical business insights and actionable knowledge, but it strengthens the open source packages much of the world’s technologies already depend on.

PyData Software Developer

As a PyData Software Developer, you will be a key member of our team solving problems for our clients using tools from the Python open-source ecosystem. Key areas we touch on when building solutions for clients include algorithm development, data engineering, data science, machine learning/AI, visualization, packaging, infrastructure and integration.

PyData Maintainer

This is an open hiring call for candidates who are already heavily invested in contributing to the PyData open source ecosystem and are looking for a company that can support their passion.

Open Source Infrastructure Engineer

We are seeking a fully remote, experienced Open Source Infrastructure Engineer to join our team at Quansight. In this role you will support Quansight’s growing cloud and on-premises infrastructure as well as act as a support resource for internal and client hosted systems.